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Information for Parents & Carers St. Radigunds Kids Club

Drop Off & Collection

  • There is no access before 4.15pm. At 4.30pm the building will be checked and secured.

  • Do not bring your child to the club if they are unwell or emotionally stressed by an external event or a family situation.

  • No adults who are not registered volunteers or invited activity leaders will be allowed into the club between 4.15 and 6.15pm.

  • Please inform volunteers on arrival if your contact details have changed, the medical information has changed, or your child has an injury.

  • If you need to collect your child early a phone number will be on display at the entrance for you to call to gain access.

  • We will only sign out your child to 1 of the named people over 14 years old that you have put on your registration form.

  • If your child is involved in an incident or accident you will be informed ASAP and you may be asked to collect your child immediately. If you cannot be contacted the other named people on the registration form may be called.

  • Children should know good hygiene practices apply in the club, as in school.

  • If a child becomes unwell during club, they will be taken to a supervised safe space until they can be collected.


  • Volunteers are easily identifiable by their branded T-shirts.

  • The centre has a safeguarding policy which is available from the office to view.

  • Please be aware if you have given consent, we may take photos to use in publicity for the club. Your data is secured under our GDPR policy which is available on request.

  • Children will not be allowed to leave the club and will always be monitored by volunteers except when they go the toilet, unless you have told us they have a disability or SEN in which they will be accompanied by 2 volunteers.

  • Mobile phone use is not permitted by anyone other than the Session Leader during the club.

  • No food or drink is to be bought into the club, unless the child was recorded on registration as having special dietary requirements in which case the guardian is to hand this to the volunteers in a named bag on arrival to be handed out at Tuck Break.


  • Subscription to the club is £2.50 per child per session payable on arrival or you may pay for 3 sessions in advance by card or secure payment link.

  • Club Trips, which are an additional cost, must be paid for in advance of the trip date.


If the session must be cancelled for any reason we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible via our Facebook page, text, and public notice.


The centre will not tolerate violence, verbal or physical or mental abuse, bullying or harassment against any child or adult by any child or adult. Incidents of abuse, bullying and harassment will be recorded, and action taken. This may be asking you to collect your child and separating them from the activities until you arrive, having a meeting with you to resolve the issue or in repeated cases exclusion of you or your child from attending the centre. This is a last resort and we hope it will never happen.

Thank you for your cooperation,

St. Radigunds Community Centre 01304 219745 07960379264         

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